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This is Version 2 of the Inquiry Oriented Group Theory (Formerly TAAFU) curriculum and instructor support materials. In and ready to edit?

Much of the core content of the new website is the same as the earlier version. However, the materials have been improved in some significant ways: 1. The "look" of the website is being changed to be somewhat less colorful but also more professional. But the primary motivation for this aesthetic change is so that it is consistent with the appearance of the websites for Inquiry Oriented Linear Algebra http://iola.math.vt.edu/ and Inquiry Oriented Differential Equations https://iode.wordpress.ncsu.edu/

2. The new version is much more explicit in identifying which information (and which instructional tasks) are based on our careful research efforts and which portions are based on our experiences as instructors. Specifically the curriculum includes four core instructional sequences (reinvention sequences for groups, subgroups, isomorphism, and quotient groups) which we consider essential and for which we are able to provide research based information (rationale, student thinking, implementation suggestions). We are also including tasks, exercises, notes, and handouts that we have used to flesh out our courses. We will clearly identify these as some should be considered optional and all of them should be adapted to fit the individual instructor's own needs. We also provide less detailed instructor support for these aspects of the curriculum because they have not been foci of our research efforts. Essentially in these cases we are colleagues sharing our lesson plans.

3. The new version now has an extensive problem bank. This bank of problem consists of problems we have designed to work well with the four reinvention sequences as well as standard textbook style problems that we have used when teaching the course. Version 1 is now available below. When time permits, a more highly structured version will be made available.

Click here WORD Version 1 of the Problem Bank

Click here PDF Version 1 of the Problem Bank

4. The website now includes Discussion Boards. This feature will allow instructors to share insights, concerns, questions, etc. with each other and with my team. We are hopeful that this feature will encouraged the growth of a community of instructors using the materials.

5. I made a full pass through everything to clean up any errors, make improvements to the language, and fill in gaps that existed in the earlier version. This will be an ongoing process. Feel free to comtact me at slarsen@pdx.edu to report any problems.

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